Where are they now?

“I was able to pass my STEM classes and complete nearly all my general education classes.”

Amanda Coleman

Amanda attends the University of California, Irvine with a major in Biology. She states, “I used my scholarship for books and school fees, which helped a lot because I had more money to go towards food and dorm supplies.” During her first year she participated in her school's civil liberties club and an undergraduate research program.

 “I used my scholarship award to help pay for my out-of-state school tuition.”

Janelle Cole

Janelle attends the University of Nevada, Reno majoring in Nursing She says, “I used my scholarship award to help pay for my out-of-state school tuition.” During her freshman year she joined the university's Black Student Organization. Her goals for the 2021-22 academic year were “to turn in all my assignments on time and pass all my classes with at least a B or above.” For the first semester she earned a 3.6 GPA.

“I earned a 4.0 GPA my first semester and a spot on the Dean’s List.”

Lauryn Craig

Lauryn attends Howard University with a declared major in Health Sciences. Lauryn exclaims, “I am extremely thankful for the scholarship award that I received last year and I used that money to pay off the remaining cost of my schooling.” She says about her college activities—"While attending Howard, I’ve just been trying to set a good foundation for my future years here so I have been mainly focused on maintaining my grades/getting adjusted to college life. I’m proud to say that I earned a 4.0 GPA my first semester and a spot on the Dean’s List." Lauryn was able to participate in a program called Horton’s Kids where she tutors local DC youth after school once a week.

“In my first semester of college, I made the dean’s list and found a job.”

Jayden Cummings

Jayden attends San Francisco State University with a major in Computer Science. He states, “I used the award money to pay for my tuition and my student housing.” Jayden participated in the SF State Black Student Union and The Hidden Genius Project Alumni Venture seed fund which is a business club. His career plans after graduation are to find a job as a software developer and to eventually pursue a business venture.

“I made the Dean’s Honor roll, and placed 3rd in a group consulting competition for my class called Management in the Global Success.”

Dylan Frith

Dylan attends the University of Miami and is undeclared as a major. He says, “I used my scholarship award as aid for my freshman year tuition specifically for my books, housing and meal plan. This scholarship helped pay for a generous amount of those expenses.” As a freshman he has participated in the Multicultural student affairs: Freshman Leadership Academy (FLA), Hurricane Productions, and the Century Fund Investment club.

“My scholarship significantly assisted with my tuition. This scholarship was a blessing.”
Harrison Frith

Harrison attends the University of California, Berkeley with a declared major in Business Administration. "Between my summer courses and first semester courses, I have a 3.5 GPA.” He has participated in an array of college activities during his first semester of college. They include: the Haas Undergraduate Black Business Association (HUBBA) Board Member & Rotational Intern, CMG Strategy Consulting Business Analyst, ASUC Student Body President Social Engagement Intern, Co-Campaign Manager for Senator Gopal, and Captain for Intramural Basketball Competitive League team that placed 2nd.

“His career plans after graduation are “Start my own photography business and become an investor; or basketball coach.”

Henry Palmer

Henry attends Merritt College and is undecided for a major. He says the scholarship “will be used to help pay for housing and textbooks.” His primary activity in college so far is his participation on the Basketball team. So far, he indicates he was successful in his goals for the year and passed his Statistics class.

“I finished my first semester with a 3.33 gpa and I pride myself in the fact that I was able to finish out strong.”

Liana Parrish

Liana attends San Diego State University with a declared major in Psychology. She states, “I used my scholarship award towards my tuition and it helped me tremendously." Liana is actively involved in a variety of activities: Afrikan Student Union, Delight (A Christian Group on campus), and HGS (Henrietta GoodWin Scholars, among others.

“I have been able to learn more about other cultures, landed a few jobs and freelance opportunities, and I’ve started working with a local church to help them reach out to college students.”

Jordan Robinson

Jordan attends Grand Canyon University with a major in Business Administration He states, “I used the award to help pay for room and board. It helped greatly reduce the entire cost of college.” Jordan is participating in the in the Black Student Union, Canyon Choral Society, GCU Acapella Club, GCE Marketing Club. “I wanted to step out of my shell and learn more not just about my own culture, but the culture of others around me.”

“I have been getting nothing less than a B in my classes so I am very proud of that.”

Sariyah Shabazz

Attends California State University Eastbay majoring in Kinesiology. His goals is to finish the semester with a GPA of 3.5 or above. Member of Sankofa Scholars program, (KRG) Kinesiology Research Group, and a Men's Devotional group. Earned accreditation for The Dean's List, Oral Communication Skills, Quantitative Reasoning Skills and Written Communication Skills in his first semester.

“I am proud to have received a 3.6 GPA in my first semester at UC Berkeley.”

Jordyn Young

Jordyn attends the University of California with a major in Business Administration. She states, “I used my scholarship award to help reduce the cost of on campus dorm housing. This helped me to avoid costly loans to fill the gap.” While in her freshman year, “I have enjoyed participating in the CAL BSU. I am also a member of the CAL Women’s Soccer team.”